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Wooden Arm Rest Tray For Sofa (Set of 2)

Wooden Arm Rest Tray For Sofa (Set of 2)

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Size : 14 X 18 Inches 

weight : 400 Grams Per Piece 

Made With Good Quality MDF Material 

Easily Foldable 

Easy To Carry 

Best suitable for fabric sofa or couch with wider arms


 Need a little extra space for your glass, mug, mobile, snacks and drinks? Install this super easy foldable sofa arm rest cover to give you stable surface for your things on sofa arm. The perfect addition to a sofa or couch in any home. Made with real solid wood and MDF material. This piece does not include the accessory item shown in pictures.

It works as table on sofa arm rest provides extra surface for stuff. It is flexible sofa arm table easy to roll when not in use. It can be easily wrapped around your sofa or couch arm to provide you tray surface for your bowls or drinks. It works like arm cover on sofa or couch.  It is removable arm rest tray, easy to roll when not in use.

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