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Are you aware of history of blankets? If not then let us tell you through our website

An ancient form of blanket is recorded as "Kambala". The 7th century Chinese traveler and scholar Xuanzang mentioned the stuff in his travelogue of his journey to India in 629–645 CE. He refers to "Kambala" as a woolen material made from sheep or goat's hair. He categorized it as a kind of material for clothing. The Sanskrit meaning of Kambala is 'a woolen blanket." According to India's ancient text, the kambala is a generic term for materials such as shawls and blankets.

 Blankets keep you cozy and comfy on a windy winter night and help you get good sleep so that you wake up fresh for the grind of a new day the next morning. Some people are so used to blankets that it becomes something like a comforter for them, and even on summer nights they cannot sleep without covering themselves with one. Such people would need a light blanket, because a thick woolen one would serve the opposite purpose of making you sweat and feel uncomfortable. But that is just an exception. Soldiers who usually have to spend many nights together outdoors, are probably the largest consumers of blankets. 

Blankets, which are also sometimes called quilts or duvets, are made of different materials and you can choose one depending on your requirement. Loomsmith brings you the finest range of blankets. Solid flannel Sherpa blankets are the most demanding ones now a days. The Sherpa wool blanket can Be Used All Year Round Especially In Winters and AC Rooms. specially made with love for Indian tropical season. Be it enjoying the cup of coffee at the side of the window in a chilly night or enjoying a book worth reading the whole night, a winter sherpa blanket can come handy in covering yourself to keep you warm.

The solid flannel pom pom double bed blanket with softest touch of all. These are known for their soft and lightweight nature that not only allows you to comfortably move in the sleep but also adds a snuggly feeling when we are feeling too lazy in the bed. Isn't that the fun of resting on our comfortable bed where we can snuggle lazily and enjoy the essence of the chilly mornings or nights?

Solid double AC blanket might be used to sleeping in an air-conditioned room and blankets play a big role here. AC is known for cooling the temperature of the room in a very short span. In such cases, you need a blanket that can help you stay warm all night and let you have a good nights sleep. AC blankets will do exactly that. You can buy AC blankets online on Loomsmith that are very lightweight, durable, soft and easy to care, making them a must-buy for your bedroom. Loomsmith offers quality at its best with reasonable prices. Shop with Loomsmith to get the best stuff.