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Gold Foil Printed Velvet Table Runner

Gold Foil Printed Velvet Table Runner

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Runner Size : 13 x 60 inches 

Material : Velvet 

Art : Gold Foil Print "Moroccan Lattice"

Weight : around 400 Gram

Available In 4 Colors

  • Light Brown
  • Pink
  • Sky Blue
  • Gold 

To Clean : Hand wash with cool water

Most beautiful and luxurious Gold Foil Velvet Table Runner. The design "Moroccan Lattice" gives royal look to your space. This traditional endless circles design is quiet joyful. Gold foil touch on velvet runner gives shin to your marble dining table. Different colors available i.e. light brown, pink, sky blue, gold. It is super soft to touch due to velvet fabric and eye catching due to gold foil print. Easy to go with any table like marble table, wooden table, glass dining table. 

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