Upgrade your Storage Space with Cotton Baskets

Upgrade your Storage Space with Cotton Baskets

As we are seeing that pollution is rising day by day most of the people are shifting to natural things. People changing their regular diets & skin care routines. And we got for you some natural material storage products for you. COTTON - is made from natural fibers of cotton plant called genus gossypium. Great fact about cotton plant is, whole plant can be used, there is no waste. It is super useful raw material and widespread non food crop. Cotton material has many advantages :

  • Ability to control moisture
  • Weather proof
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Light-weighted
  • decorative purpose

Due to rise in pollution, demand of cotton rope products are highly increasing and also it looks more aesthetic in any space. With Macrame baskets , pots holders and shelf hanging loomsmith establish cotton material baskets and bins to keep your home clean and looks great with these natural cotton rope. Baskets used to gather random items that would otherwise clutter up your space. 

Lets start with the cute round basket set of 3

Cotton Basket set of 3

This round storage basket is made up of 100% cotton material & set is designed in three different sizes. It's natural material is super soft that it won't scratch your shelves. It is multipurpose storage basket can be used to keep fruits, shampoo bottles, hand towels and other small stuffs. It can be placed on floor, cupboards, shelves and on bed side. Top of the basket decorated with faux leather which is fixed strongly. Aesthetic colors are available in this round baskets. To buy click here..

 Rectangular Basket

 With same material rectangular storage bin presented here for multipurpose use. Rectangular shaped basket available with two handles makes it super easy to carry and move from one place to another. Handles with faux soft leather makes it comfortable to carry and adds attractive difference in the basket. It is super absorbent & breathable which helps to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. It is safe for the kids as they can store toys, books, blocks and clothes etc. Available in 4 colors to watch click here..

 Laundry Basket with Lid

Ditch your old boring laundry basket with this super cute natural laundry bin. It is super soft and easy to fold when not in use. Strong handles makes it super easy to carry and move from one place to another. Laundry clothes and other stuff can be easily covered with the help of lid. Cotton rope material is great absorbent and highly breathable so it prevents any sort of bad odour. Cat face theme looks adorable in any space of home like living room, bedroom and even in the corner of stairs. Multipurpose basket can be used to store blankets, throws, laundry clothes, toys etc. To buy click here..

Another laundry storage bag with cat face design. Also Blankets and throws can be placed in it. This soft cotton rope bag looks great even on the floor. It is super easy to fold and return to its normal shape when it fills. Strong handles makes it easy to hold and carry. To buy click here..


 Last but not the least

Bear Storage Bin

New round bear storage basket with ears on top looks adorable and Made up of 100% natural cotton rope makes it more durable and super soft in touch. Its strong handles makes it more convenient to move from one place to other. Multipurpose storage basket can be used to store laundry, toys, blankets, quilts and other stuff. Cute design makes it so attractive that kids also want to use it and keep their toys and stuff at one place. To buy click here..

Adore your home with these natural products that won't harm your environment and even gives classy view to your space.

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