The mantra of organizing with Loomsmith

The mantra of organizing with Loomsmith

Trying to figure out how to organize your storage room? Saving the space might be hard nut to crack for your entire home, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re dealing with a small space designated for storage, we have creative proposals to help you in this tricky task! Organizing your home can be quite a taxing exercise: putting everything exactly where it belongs, each individual item in a designated spot, no clutter in sight can't be easy. Our lifestyles, our wardrobes and styles change. Our storage ideas need to evolve with the changing era.

You don’t have to be a victim of bad storage anymore. Below I’ve summarized 8 captivating solutions to your storage problems which will not only make your storage systems work better, but will also make them stylish. Take a virtual trip with me to see the latest in storage system design trends. Let’s check out these 8 trendy storage solutions :-


It's just specially for all the women out there who have various handbags for different purposes. It's not an easy pie to hang all of them in an almirah or behind the doors. You can simple shop for the hanging handbag organizer to store your handbags in a tidy manner.


Sometimes while cooking we don't find the ingredients at their right place in the kitchen and this led to hustle-bustle while cooking our favorite dish. It may sometimes end up in the spoilage of the dish. Opting for beautiful gold foil printed velvet baskets to organize pulses and spices on the shelf is the perfect solution to avoid any mess during the work time in kitchen. 


Foldable things are a big thanks when it comes to saving a small space. Whenever their utilization is over you can simply fold them and that will take a few minutes. 

Foldable laundary baskets 

Baskets that come with lids are not only easy to hold but also reduces the muscle pain due to presence of lids on both the sides. You can easily fold them and store them anywhere as a small space is occupied by them. Perfectly fit for laundary purposes and effortlessly save your space when folded. 

Printed foldable stool 

When it comes to the sitting facility then we often think of giant sofas or chairs in our room. But what to do if we are not having much space to furnish them. Just have a look on our printed foldable stool which is in trend now a days. It not only serve for sitting purpose but also saves your space as you can easily fold it after its utilization. 


It's not necessary that we all have drawers to keep our footwears. And it becomes a difficult task for the ones who are workaholic to store their casual and formal footwears. But no more worries from now as you can easily cover your footwears with our online shoe covers. Even if you're not having drawers you can simply put your shoes in the cover and place them under the bed or table or just simple keep them in any corner. You can prevent your footwears from being dusty or dirty by using the shoe cover. This Upcycled shoe cover bag can be used as traveling shoe bag. It is non-woven portable pouch with drawstring closure. Best way to pack your footwear and organized your wardrobe in few minutes.


Even after having huge closets we are not able to organize our clothes and we mess up when we are in hurry. Use felt storage baskets to organize your clothes in a decent manner. You can just simply place them in your cupboard and utilize them to store various types of clothes. Felt storage baskets comes in set of 3 serving for different purposes. With the facility of handles you can easily carry the used and dirty clothes to your laundry also.


A basic clothing of our routine life is necessary to store in a safe and hygiene place. Basically, we keep our undergarments/lingerie in a closet drawer yet sometimes they get mixed up with our tops and bottoms. You can use an UNDERGARMENTS STORAGE ORGANIZER to keep them organized. This storage organizer comes with small yet multiple spaces which you can use to avoid any mess of undergarments. It prevents unwanted smell from drawers and multi compartment cells covered with transparent lid to make it easy to see through in drawer or cupboard. 


A cute bus storage box for your little ones is a great way to consolidate the unwanted mess of toys left after an afternoon full of games and fun. Keep their toys in an adorable storage box or you can just store their tiny clothes in the box to avoid the mess in their room. It is mini school bus shape especially designed for kid's room also provides lid to cover the stuff and keep them clean. Made of cardboard and foldable multipurpose storage organizer.

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