The Golden Fiber Jute baskets : Simple, Effective and affordable

The Golden Fiber Jute baskets : Simple, Effective and affordable

THE GOLDEN FIBRE JUTE BASKETS :- Simple, Effective & Affordable.

The history of the ‘golden fibre’ is as interesting as the fibre itself. It dates as far back as the Mughal rule in India State where villager wore clothes made out of jute. They also made other items like ropes and twines from jute. 

Since it was first discovered, jute has been used in various application. Sandbags made out of jute were exported from Bengal to the trenches in World War I. It was also used to make ropes, bags, clothes and other household products. Later on, jute was used to make fishing baskets and it was also essential in the arms and construction industry.

Today, jute is used to make household items like sacks, carpets, coverlets for chairs, rugs and bags. The humble fibre can also be blended with other synthetic fabrics relatively easy to give it a more glamorous finish. 

Well the stuff made from jute is as strong as the fibre itself. Presenting you the finest jute baskets for multipurpose use.  You can utilise  them for clothes or for kitchen. Easy to access and carry these extra large jute bins are affordable and extraordinary in function. We have 2 different basket options for you :- One is a set of 3 baskets and the another one is set of 2 baskets. 


 Available in plethora of colors these  jute baskets are for multipurpose use. They can be used in kitchens for keeping extra jars of pulses/spices or they can be perfect storage space for your clothes. With their unique design and extraordinary style these large storage baskets are easy to access and carry due to the lid handles available on both sides. Moreover, these jute organizers can be kept anywhere due to their versatile nature. Also, they are available in  sizes different. A set of 3 baskets with 3 different sizes a small one ; a middle one and a huge one. Due to different sizes these can be operated for a lot of purposes. The small can be operated a medicine organizer  while the middle one can be used for storage of kitchen utilities and the extra large jute basket can become a jute laundry basket or a cloth organizer. 


 A set of 2 baskets is for the ones who needs much storage space for their home. Easy to go with any type stuff and is pocket friendly. Use it in your bathroom to keep extra towels handy or in your bedroom to store your bed linens.With its soft shape and warm colors it brightens the mood of its user. These too come in variety of colors and with a facility of 2 lids on both the sides.Made from fabulous quality of fabric, our collection of online Jute  Baskets with handle compiles an amazing collection, resulting in a traditional yet trendy range. Furthermore, it can be turned into an amazing gifts for the loved ones who suffer from shortage of storage space. Easy to wash and access. Washable and eco-friendly with matte finish and reusable feature this the perfect for lack of storage space. Loomsmith promises the quality at its best. Shop from and get solutions to all your problems facing while designing the interior of your home.

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