Tablecovers - Designed with love

Tablecovers - Designed with love

Recreate your dining table with us. Table cloths are an important accessory for your dining table. A table cloth offers functionality in the form of a protective cover from food spillage, and design value by adding colour, vibrancy and a style element to your room. A dining table cloth needs to be changes maybe once in two to three weeks and hence is an easy to maintain element.

Just as your clothes say a lot about you, a table cover says a lot about your style. Dressing up your table with an inviting dining table cover can set the right tone for the perfect meal with your family or friends. With a suitable table cover, cutlery and napkins, the whole table comes alive and creates a memorable dining experience. Along with other decor accessories, your dining hall can be anchored with a visually appealing center table cover. Designed with specific features, such as splash-resistant treatment, the loomsmtih collection of table covers come in a variety of sizes, including a dining table cover for 6 seater arrangement, or even smaller setups. You will find the perfect table cover design for any decor theme, be it classical or contemporary.

 Here we are presenting our finest collection of table covers suitable for every type of table :- 


 Beautifully embroidered with floral pattern this table cover is purely made up of 100% cotton. Suitable for all types of tables. It can be easily washed.Simple, elegant, and organic cotton table cloth covers indeed have a charm about them. Investing in cotton table cloth covers is like a one-time purchase and you can use them for everyday use as well as for any special occasions.


Captivating Velvet table Cover having a beautiful design all over the cover with floral pattern in middle. Embroidered with Kashmiri velvet .This velvet cover will add a royal ambiance to your room. Available in multiple colors. You can check it's different colors available on our website


A combo is always perfect for any dining table and here we have a perfect classy combo of cotton table cover with six cotton napkins. Having mandala and floral patterns all over the cloth as well as on napkins. This table cloth will also add color and vibrancy to the room, making it a welcoming space for friends and family to mix and mingle, and of course enjoy food. 

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