A flower shaped Dining Mat available in more beautiful colours.


✓Product : Dining table runner and mats set

✓Available in variety of colors; sizes;designs and shapes.
✓Used for home decor purpose


Who don't love to decorate their living room?. A room where we spend our most of the time watching television;playing video games. Even our guests prefer to sit in the living room. Be it morning or evening time some snacks with our favorite cup of tea;friends and our perfectly decorated living room makes the best combination to relax ourselves. All we need a beautiful and attractive stuff decorate our tiny world.

If you are looking for a dining mat then you are at a right place. A pleasing a dining mat is the one we need to make our home space attractive and special. Let us tell you some very interesting thing about dining mat

The dining mat came in the Middle Ages, mainly because medieval folks were sloppy. The tablecloth was considered an aristocratic innovation, but it needed protection from lively and careless royal revelers who spilled, drooled and made a mess!  

No doubt, the wise women responsible for laundering linens came up with the innovative idea for the dining mat in an effort to save the tablecloths from unnecessary laundering.  Napkins were also invented because it was no longer considered acceptable to wipe your mouth on the tablecloth.

These ingenious broad pieces of cloth now known as "Floral dining mats" were placed over the tablecloths. They were gathered up at the end of the meal for washing and the tablecloths remained intact and clean. The dining mats along with tablecloths became fixtures in everyone’s collection so that your dining table can be prevented from filthy and stubborn stains. 

Our product not only beautify your living room but also makes your room appreciable and to be proud of. If you are a dining mat lover then you've came to a right place and your search is finally over. We provide prettiest dining mats which are available in fancy colors and designs. It will make you fall in love with your dining table. It refreshes the mood when you are going to eat your food on the table. It's attractive look catches your eye. Moreover if your thinking of gifting something to your loved ones then our dining mats are the perfect choice for you. With not so high price but high quality these adorable mats are the perfect gift you can purchase for someone.

Also, our this online product is suitable for all types of tables be it wooden one; a plastic one or a glass table. These cute table placemats give your space an adorable look. Moreover it brings smile on your face  whenever you look towards it. 

 Rose Laser Cut Placemats

You can use them wherever you want if your child is a messy water and only loves to eat food on bed then you can also spread it on your bed for your child. With numerous benefits these dining table mats are easy to go with any surface you want to use it on. 

A variety of designs are available with numerous of colors and sizes only on our website loomsmith.com



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