Revamp your living area with these essential must haves

Revamp your living area with these essential must haves

Tired of seeing the boring stuff in your living area?Just revamp the area with new and eye catching items. Everyone picturize their perfect home in someway or the other but you know which place is the heart of your home? Yes, you guessed it right! It's the living room/area of your home must be designed with love,and of course with your desirable items. Every element from a little decor piece to a giant sofa is essential in maintaining the decorum of your room. Turn your living room into the appealing areas of your home with Loomsmith. We bring out best ideas and products to furnish your home.You can shop for living room furniture and decor items from Loomsmith.

We strive to make your job easier in styling your living room. You can browse the following ideas to revamp your living area. From sofa accessories  and table decor to floor rugs and other accents we have a huge assortment of living room elements. 



Add designer and adorable filled cushions to your sofa to make it a center of attraction of the room. With the butterfly design it comes in different colours adding vibrancy to your room. 

Switch up the cushion covers 

A huge variety of cushion covers with best quality; different designs and colours is available on Keep changing your cushion covers to refresh your room with new touch. From pure cotton to macrame design we have the best stuff. You can shop for velvet;cotton; macrame;zig zag quilting;gold foil or beautiful sequin cushion covers. Or you can just buy mix and match cushions according to the texture of your room.

Add Wooden sofa arm tray 

A sofa arm tray makes it convenient for you to maintain the tidiness of your sofa and couch. Generally, our guests prefer to sit in living area and it happens sometimes due to small space food and beverages spills on your sofa which become an embarrassing moment for you. You can prevent such situations by placing a rollable wooden arm tray on your sofa. A wooden tray is strong and removable tray table. Keep your snacks and beverages on it as it avoids the spoilage of your furniture. Not only it protects your sofa but also increase the space to place your food. 



Add lantern to your living to make it more substantial. Trendy yet traditional you can hang the lantern anywhere according to your convenience. You can make your room a glow star in the dark by lighting the lantern. 


Plants always make the surroundings cool and breathable. Adding plants with fragrance in your living area will make your room aromatic. Thinking of the way to add a plant. Just read below the following products you can use to add a plant:- 

Use a macrame pot holder 

Hang your pot in our macrame pot holder. Hang it anywhere on a window still or on your room wall. It will make your room attractive to look at and will create a breathable environment. It comes in set of 2.

Use a beautiful planter 

If you have a suitable corner which is waiting to get decorated then you can use a planter to add a plant of your choice. Ample of designs are available in the given planter. Enhance the decor of your room with this planter. Check out our website to look at options available in the planter.


Elegantly designed aroma burners are available on our website to vanish away bad smell of your room and moreover it spreads positive vibes. Also, it makes the air breathable and it glows in the dark.  Once your guests leaves we feel a kind of warm air or suffocated air in the room as the heat is released from the bodies which also make the surroundings warm and suffocating so it becomes a necessary to place an aroma burner in your living room to make it more suitable for gathering. 


Add a rug to your floor to prevent stubborn stains of you filthy footwears. Additionally adding a rug to your living area will give a different texture to the floor. These rugs are handcrafted by love and moreover these are tough yet easy to wash. Rugs are a must have product in your home in today's life where the floors are somewhere wooden,tiles, vinyl which are of high quality and costly. So no one wants to get their floors damage or dirty. These will not only protect them , but also adds a much beautiful touch to the decor.. t protects your floor from getting tarnish. 

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