Home Decor Products to change your view on sustainability

Home Decor Products to change your view on sustainability

Humans are always eager to surround themselves with pretty things and if  you are looking for a way to create a unique and comfortable atmosphere with sustainable products at home or office? Worry  no more! We have unique products which are 100% sustainable to decorate your home. Now no need to panic about wastage as they are completely reusable products with ample of benefits.

Printed Reversible Wooden Circular Coasters Set Of 6 With Stand 

 A combo of 6 printed reversible wooden circular coasters. They are in 2 satisfying patterns : Mandala and the another one has beautiful concentric circles with triangles in them. These are light weighted and are having a soft texture. You can use them in different ways. Coasters help keep the condensation from leaving water marks behind.

Handwoven Round rug 

A circular handwoven rug to furnish your home  with its richness. You can place it anywhere in your home. It adds an aesthetic touch to your floor. It's made up of premium quality jute in a circular pattern. This gives a royal look to your surface. Also, you can sit on it and enjoy your meal as it is soft to sit on. It's proudly made in India. Light up your regular decor with this unique product of dexterity.

Jute planter 

An adorable jute planter for your plants. Modern, eye-catching and affordable. Instead of replanting the tree in a pot, you may just slide the original plastic pot into this potted house planter. It will provide a nice cover to hide the nursery plastic pot and water tray. Great for your fiddle fig tree, snake plant, cactus plant, indoor rubber tree,Tulsi plant etc. Durable and washable. This is made up from fine jute fabric. Best suited for ornamental plants.

Jute baskets set of 2

Organize your home with our collection of baskets and give everything a place so it’s out of the way but close at hand. Use it in your bathroom to keep extra towels handy or in your bedroom to store your bed linens. This basket has a matte finish look. And it comes with 2 handles making it easy to carry.This jute basket is sewn together by hand and is an Indian product. 

Macrame wall hanging pot holder 

 A unique macrame pot holder adds grace to your garden area. You can also utilize it in your home as wall hanging. Simple, yet meticulously handcrafted,this beauty would be  decorating your home or balcony garden, or brightening up an office. Excellent quality, adds the perfect touch to your room and living room.


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