Ottomans and Stools Guidance

Ottomans and Stools Guidance

An ottoman is a cushioning piece of furniture that has no back and armrest used as seat, footrest or for another practical purpose. The term ottoman is derived from osman name which was 'uthman' in Arabic. It was first introduced in Europe and popular in turkey as name suggests, it comes from the time of the Ottoman Empire.

As we know, Ottomans and stools are used to provide extra sitting and comfort to feet. But now a days, designers modify bygone furniture for modern homes and adds storage compartments.

Struggling with finding something that will fill the gap in the room and makes the place cozy for gathering? Ottomans and stools are the best options to place in living room or near your favorite couch space. 

In earlier times, only sofa sets were manufactured like old three seating sofa with two single sofas and only royal big family utilized it. But in present, matching stools and ottomans also designed with modern sofa sets and tables also designed to bring cozy view in living room. They are light weighted that can easily pulled near sofa as footstool while watching movies, having snacks after a long tiring day.

Stools are designed with hidden spaces so we can easily organize extra stuff without any clutter. It is the best storage item for hoarder who loves to collect things but due to lack of space always struggled to keep their home organized- Major reason of their popularity.


1. Great Footrest
Ottomans are all-round and can be used as great foot rest that can be easily placed in front of your favourite couch or sofa that gives comfort to your feet after a long day of work. 

2. Hidden Storage
Some ottomans & stools are designed with a storage space that helps to store your stuff and keeps your home organized. It can store kids supplies, toys, shoes and seasonal clothes etc.

3. Space Saving
Some ottomans and stools are detachable or foldable that can be easily stowed away when not in used. It helps to keep your floor clutter free and bumps free floor.

4. Extra Sitting
Ottomans and stools provide extra sittings in your living area and rooms. In family gatherings, stools and ottomans are perfect for sitting purposes. They are designed in a way that covers less space on floor and in room area.  

5. As Coffee Table, workspace
Ottomans and stools not only used for seats and footrest, but also used as serving tray. It provide relaxed gathering to host a snacks and board games with friends. Ottomans provide excellent space to children for doing homework or other fun projects.

Many kind of stools and ottomans are designed with different shapes, designs, material. We also have a collection of ottomans and stools for your home.

Solid Color Stool with Storage

Storage Stool covered with velvet fabric give luxurious look to your space. Removable lid that reveals hidden space that will help to organize your living area and home. 2 inches foam seating that will provide comfort. Soft corners that will protect your family from bumps. Foldable storage box with stool can be  easily collapse when not in use and stored away. 5 Colors are available choose according to your home. To buy click here...

Printed Stool


Beautifully printed stool with storage space available for your living area. Multipurpose box can be placed in living room or bedroom for sitting purpose and can store stuff like magazines, books, toys, single quilts, shoes etc. Foaming surface gives comfort sitting. Soft corners are designed to protect your family from bumps. Abstract printed designs suitable for any home area. To check more designs click here..

 Puff Stool

Metallic Ottoman Puffy Stool which looks perfect in a living room setting, the versatile design, metallic legs gold colour & good height goes well with both modern & traditional interiors. Superior quality of raw materials and thicker cushion that have been used make the Ottoman long lasting & durable. Circular designed stool brings stable surface and stable sitting. To buy click here..

Fur Stool


 Add this luxurious looking furry top stool to add elegance in your room. Metallic strong legs brings durability and provide strong seating space. Fur on top gives elegant look & beautifully completes your space. It can be placed in living room or other room near dressing area. Faux fur and ottoman style blend seamlessly with your existing furniture. Provides strong sitting for adults also. To buy click here..

Last Stool cum storage box - Especially designed for kids. Cute animals printed that will look great in kids room and inspire them to use it wisely. Toddlers will enjoy to keep their stuff mess free.

 Animal Printed Stool

This attractive hidden storage stool especially designed for kids. Made of fluffy foam material & covered with soft fabric makes it comfortable to sit and save kids from bumps. Kids can store shoes, books or toys in it & can be used it for sitting purpose. It is super easy to fold and keep it aside when not in use. Different & attractive prints are available in stool which makes interest in kids to keep their stuff organized & space clean. To buy click here..

Some tips to clean stools and ottomans at home:-

  • Dust your Ottoman - The trouble-free & painless way to keep your furniture clean and presentable by dusting fix. Don't forget to clean it from inside too, storage compartment normally collects dust. Use fabric brush to remove any dirt and lint.
  • Spot Clean - Once you take out litter from velvet stools, spot the affected areas that got stained. Use dampen lint free cloth with water & gently dabbing and slowly rub the pompous area. Wait for the fabric to dry completely to check whether stain is removed or not. You can use vacuum or hair-dryer at lowest setting to speed up process.
  • Use soap, if needed - If water alone does not work on stains, you can also use gentle soap or detergent. Mix 2 drops of detergent in warm water. Dip lint free cloth in soap solution and rub gently on stain.
  • Dry it - Dry your ottoman with vacuum which absorb excess water from it or use hair dryer to speed up the process. You can dry it in sunlight but don't keep it for long time. Excess of sunlight fades the colors of velvet material.

We hope this information regarding stools and ottoman's functions, pros and care guide, that you may want for your home according to your needs and preferences.

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