Embracing the Sparkle of Beads

Embracing the Sparkle of Beads

A table is very important & useful furniture in home with a top flat surface and used for various purposes like writing, eating, serving or working at. And a table runner is an important item to add on any sort of table to add spark on our space. And different types of table need to be decorated by linen pieces to look attractive and interested on daily basis. There are wide range of elderly fabrics used to make table runners like cotton, polyester, velvet, tissue etc. Now add something new to your home. 

Loomsmith presenting new and unique beaded runner for your home to add colors and texture to your table. Bead work is the art of joining beads to one another by stringing them into a thread or thin wire with a sewing or beading needle. Beads are the symbol for celebration of healing, spirituality and wealth.

Floral Beaded Table Runner

This floral beaded table runner looks adorable and elegant on dining table or center table. Handcrafted by expert artisans of India with a lot of accuracy. Best quality beads are used to make it and knots are carefully tied to fix beads accurately. Sparkles of thousands of shiny beads adds pure elegance to your special event. This multicolor table runner can be placed on any table it brings attractive look to table area. Floral and leaves pattern looks great on the table add natural look to the area. To buy click here..

Abstract Pattern

 Abstract pattern is denoting art that does not represent any specific element but needs to achieve its effect by using different shapes, textures and colours. People with the ability to understand the concept from their senses like freedom & vulnerability. This beaded runner designed with shiny glass beads includes different shapes, flowers & check design. It looks adorable on any sort of table like dining table, center table or side table. To buy click here..

Leaf Pattern

Spring season is all about new beginnings and transformations. This Leaf pattern beaded runner is best for people who love spring season. Transform your table with this shinier and eye- catching elegant runner that will impress your guests for sure. To buy click here..

Not Only Beaded Table Runner, Beaded table mats are also available at Loomsmith.com









Loomsmith Beaded Table mat/placemats is handmade item round in shape suitable to place standard size plates or bowls. It is made with glass beads which brings shiny appearance to your space. Floral pattern design brings blossom effect & peacock wing colored beaded mat look stunning on any sort of table. If you like round placemats must check Braided Cotton Placemats, it is highly durable, anti-skid and eco friendly. To buy click here..

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