Dining table set up ideas

Dining table set up ideas

Doesn't matter it's an average weeknight dinner or a festive holiday meal, you're always going to  arrange your table, so make sure it's as decorative as it could possibly be. You can opt any new themed covers, runners and coasters, or just use some table napkins to keep your dining table tidy. No matter what the occasion is, you'll find all the table accessories as you go ahead in the blog itself.

As there are endless products that you can go with, we have some incredible table set up ideas for a mesmerizing and soothing dining experience with our products. Ofcourse, nobody wants less than a captivating setting after engaging in so much efforts in preparing the meals. 

You can shop for the following items when thinking of decorating your table :-


Look at the richness of these coasters. How beautifully they are designed with the golden lines that adds a touch of royalty in them. We have a myriad range of coasters. Handcrafted with love. Cover your any beverage with coasters or just use them for serving purpose.

Coasters handmade with resin are  trendy now a days and unique, it'll only be in awe of all guests! This comes in a set of 6. Each coaster is hand poured and colored with a combination of mica powders,resin pigments and high quality resin.


 We all prefer a strong serving tray set which should be of great quality, easy to utilize, difficult to destroy, and still looking classy. Trays should be bought always in higher numbers than the number of guests you actually expect so that none of your guests end up without even a single serving. A set of 3 trays each of different size helps you to organize the snacks and beverages for your loved ones.



First and foremost thing which catches our eye in our living room is the cover of the table. So it is must to have an attractive table cover for your table.

Centre table cover helps to protect glass table or marble table from scratches and stains. Loomsmith presenting 100% cotton table cover for your centre table. Beads range of table cloths i.e. floral printed, classy looking , embroidered with velvet and much more are available on our website Loomsmith.com. Our cotton table covers are usually available in a number of designer floral patterns.

Choosing a velvet one will also inspire the imperial look of your table. The table cloth covers more than half of the length of table.This velvet cover sets your table right. Moreover, it establishes an impeccable home decor theme. Moreover, it goes with every dining set. 


It’s difficult  to picturize our dining table or living room table in absence of a table runner, isn't it?  We all are familiar with the fact that table-runners are purposely used for giving our dining tables or another areas, possessing table with a decorative feel. Additionally, it saves the coffee tables from spills and marks. Designer table runners give different texture to your home.Thus, no matter what designs you prefer, you'll find a whole host of them at Loomsmith.com

With adorning design and staring appearance, table runners adds a grace to the dining area mainly on your dining table. When decorated with other elements like placemats then it flourishes the entire space. Also suitable for 6 seater dining table.

 Floral and leaf prints set natural aura on your coffee table. If your table is made of wood material ,this cotton table runner is like cherry on the cake. Made in India with care and love.

Inspired by the appealing floral interiors, this dining table runners has a soothing design with vibrant colors. The flowers in a different shades of colors are outshining calmly to give wonderful vibes. Also, it will protect the table surface from the damage of hot serving utensils and spillage of beverages. Made up 100% pure cotton fabric.

This beautifully designed piece can enhance the brightness of your table and creates harmony on the dining table. This is specifically for those who love combo of bold and light colors on velvet fabric. Patches of floral pattern after a particular gap. Also, the designed border is contributing to the overall appearance. If you want to add a statement-making piece, then this dining table linen can be a great choice for you. 


Whenever we are having a meal then the spillage problem is casual and to avoid this we generally prefer to use soft napkins. And it's cherry on the cake when the napkins are washable and matches with your table cover. Here we have a combo of table cover and six napkins to avoid any kind of mess during dining. These are made up of 100% cotton fabric and are easy to wash.

Browse our website Loomsmith.com and shop the latest products.

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