Dining Mats & Table Runner Design Tips

Dining Mats & Table Runner Design Tips

Dining room decorating ideas can be fun and easy. Use this guide to learn how to choose the right dining mat and table runner for your home.

Choose a Pattern That Fits Your Space.
If you're planning to redecorate your dining room, consider choosing a pattern that fits your space. A large pattern might overwhelm a small space, while a smaller pattern might not fit well with a larger area.

Match the Color Scheme to Your Home's Theme.
You can also match the color scheme of your home to the theme of your dining room. For instance, if you love bright colors, choose a bold pattern that matches those hues. Or, if you prefer more muted tones, go with a neutral pattern that works with any decorating style.

Pick a Material That Suits You.
If you're not sure what material to use, consider picking up some samples at your local fabric store. This will give you an idea of how each material feels and looks before committing to a purchase.

We deals in many sort of materials for table decor :

  • Leather
  • PVC Material
  • Tissue fabric
  • Cotton
  • Braided Cotton
  • Velvet
  • Khadi Jute
  • Handcrafted Beaded Mats

Add Some Texture with Fabric Care.
You can also add texture by using different fabrics. Try mixing patterns, colors, textures, and even materials together.


Go For a Classic Look.
If you're going with a classic look, then go for something simple. A solid color table mats is a good option because it's easy to clean and won't show stains as easily.


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