Decor your favourite Corner with us

Decor your favourite Corner with us

Do you have any favourite corner or spot in your house? A corner where you feel active and spry. We like to collect our cherished things and put them together in one place no matter how it looks but it works at least for us.

Wondering how to start ? Start with decoration, We love to decor our favourite spot to make it more comfy and cozy. Loomsmith introducing some stuff that fits to your corner and brings more comfort to your area.

Macrame Pot Holder Set of 2

Let just start with adding indoor garden ideas. Add this macrame pot holder in your favourite spot to show some love for indoor plants. Having plants in your corner where you like to sit helps to improve air quality, mindful thoughts, lowers stress and stabilize mood. Simple and diligent hand crafted with long tassel, this beauty add brightness to your room corner. Perfect thing to add in corner without any clutter on floor and macrame wall hanging is also a cool idea to add in your home. If you have any desk in your corner we have desk planter and double pot planter for your empty boring desk. 


Macrame Cushion Cover

Install Macrame Cushion Cover in your couch to bring aesthetic look to your favourite spot. Designed with long tassels and knotted design is just ideal for decorating your corner couch. Macrame cushion cover handmade and gives luxurious view to area. Boho embroidered cotton cushion covers gives bohemian look to your space. Beautifully embroidered cushion covers with tassels in all sides.


Foldable Wooden Arm rest Tray set of 2

We love to read books in our favourite corner with favourite mug of coffee. Loomsmith presenting foldable arm rest tray made of wood for your couch. It will provide a little extra space for mug, book or for snacks bowl to couch. It is super easy flexible tray and easily wrapped on couch arm gives stable surface for your stuff on couch or sofa. Made with real solid wood and easily rollable sofa tray table when not in use.

We have diverse range of products of home decor items and essentials to spice up your bedding area, kitchen area, garden, storage organizers and handicrafts under one roof.

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