Brighten up your home with us

Brighten up your home with us

FURNISHINGS  are an indispensible part of a house. It's a great way to add colours and textures to your living area, lounge area,bedroom, seating area etc. All in all your dream home is incomplete without the Furnishings. Furnishings not only fill up tha spacious areas but also add vibrancy and a brand new look to your home. Furnishings are an integral part of a home. 

With the addition of cushion covers, throw blankets and beautiful beddings a space can become instantly homely. One can also add colour and change the look of the room by simply changing out the cushion covers in a room, adding a mattress protector to your mattress and some soft and adorable pom pom blankets. 

Make your winters warm and summers cool by choosing from beads range of furnishing items available on our website Browse various items from variety of soft furnishings just for instance throw blankets , double bed AC blanket ,velvet cushion covers, satin beddings and much more. Some of them are displayed below :- 


How soothing it is looking. Isn't it? Imagine having quality time in this blanket with your loved ones. Sounds amazing right? Grab this blanket at a reasonable price and dazzle your room with it. With lots of pom poms present on all the sides it is adorable to look at.


Talking about the royalty then you can check chenille bedding set of 8 pieces.An incredibly designed product by the expert artisans of India. An Indian product which will give a traditional look to your house. Fabric is CHENILLE & HEAVY KNITTED.  Available in 2 very beautiful and classy colors wine and coffee which will give mesmerizing and royal look to your bedroom.


Comfy and stretchable.Good mattress is a considerable investment and must be protected to make it last a long time. With our innovative design and customer-centric features, we have the king size mattresses. Not only this but also you can check our waterproof bed protector for infants.


Cushion covers help to spruce up cushions and add elegance and comfort to the space. Loomsmith online range of embroidered and colorful cushions inspired by the various designs in variety of fabric can revamp any corner, sitting area and reading nook. Some have tassels tied to four corners of the cover and almost all of them have a chain attached at the back.

Browse our website for best quality products made by expert artisans of India.


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