Colours speaks our Personality

Colours speaks our Personality

Colours are everywhere, we are surrounded by colours even when our eyes do not recognize every shade. Colours hold power to depict our moods, behavior and emotions like anger, fear, happiness, sadness and interest. Different colours and shades can swap our moods and behaviour. It is important to choose colours and shades to create atmosphere according to the you.

Colours communicates so much. Even in home decor it can make or break a space effortlessly. To make it easy, colours divided into two groups  - warm tone and cool tone. Warm colours include red, yellow & orange can energize a space and cool colours such as blue, green normally create quiet, relaxing aura.


Loomsmith presenting gold color products for those who want to portray wealth and luxury along with ideas of love, wisdom & magic. This will add class and elegance to your home. This placemat combo set in gold metallic look with floral design gives alluring look to your six seater dining table. Best color to add in home decor that grabs everyone attention in your space. To buy click here..

Another placemat set of 6 is also available in autumn leaf designs laser cut dining mats that will add texture to any sort of dining table. To buy click here..




Pink colour symbolizes sensitivity, femininity, kind and loving. Pink shades are youthful and sweet, adding joy to pink colour schemes chosen for home decorating. Decorating space with pink shades feel feminine and soft. We presenting some pink shade products to not only decorate your space for organizing your stuff also. 

Fur Stool

The luxurious feel of the faux fur upholstery is comfortable and inviting, and its durable construction ensures the ottoman's place in your home for a long time. It can be placed in living area or even in room with dressing table. This metal stool with fur on top looks elegant and beautifully completes your space. Stable metal legs shaped in drum looks cute and gives steady surface. To see more colors click here..

Hot Pink Puffy Stool - Strong metal surface for stability round designed stool looks great in living and even in dressing area. Superior quality of raw materials and thicker cushion that have been used make the Ottoman long lasting & durable. To buy click here..



Grey is for professionalism & formality. It is also known for moody colour that is commonly related with meaning of reserve, formal & sophisticated. Now a days, grey colour is in trend even the interiors and walls are designed in different grey shades to make home and interior looks aesthetic. We have some grey color products for those who portray professionalism.

Safe lock organizer for documents and ids. Waterproof organizer with handle makes it convenient to carry with suitcase or place it in closet. Multi compartments gives your neat and tidy space separately. Safe lock bag is super easy to fold when not in use. Stretchable and transparent pocket inside, so stuff can easily seen. It is a perfect organizer for businessman who travels a lot for their work with multiple files and documents. Easy for them to keep important stuff safe and secure. To buy click here..

Foldable Bag

Loomsmith presenting Expandable Carry Bag for travelling. It is multipurpose bag with many pockets to keep stuff separately & organized. It has shoe compartment to keep footwear separately. It is foldable bag and turns into pouch, can easily stored when not in use. It is an ideal for travelling & office use. Waterproof bag easy to take out in rainy season also. To buy click here..

Beige Colour

Beige Colour symbolizes simplicity, flexible & modernism. Beige colour is neutral, calm, relaxing & gives soothes effect. Beige colour fits easily in any sort of settings. It brings luxurious and elegant view to any home space. It is natural looking colour gives relaxation to eyes. 

The clarity of a jute rug can raise any space from incomplete to undemanding worldliness. Handwoven in India, this braided rug can virtually fuse with any existing decor. An eco-friendly fiber allows for a sustainable choice. Jute rug is very soft and durable. Inclusion to the soft fibers, jute rugs are also very comfortable because of their thick bold weave, making for a soften feel underfoot. To buy click here..


Loomsmith Storage Basket define class and functionality. Made up of premium fabric, these storage bins are perfect for uncluttering your space and making it beautiful with bright and rich colors. To buy click here..


Multicolour is for fun, diversity & optimism. Multicolour is ideal to light up solid coloured space and transform your boring spaces of room and space into interesting and fun way. 

This multicolored braided placemat set of 6 made of cotton material. They fit standard dinner plates and show off the cotton braided design. This braided placemat set is highly durable, anti-skid and eco friendly. Unique Pattern, Round braided suitable for kitchen table mat, bowls mat, perfect for daily use. This table mat set adds colours to your plain boring 6 seater dining table. To buy click here..


Round Desk Planter is also available in multicolour pattern can be placed on side table, center table & dining table. To buy click here.. 


We all see colours in different way like different shades, tones and hues. And every shades works differently according to us. Bright colours makes some people happy and some people get bored. We know that colour blindness exists and some people cannot see colours. And more petrified is colour blindness living in the world of hyper-colour where every colour appeared neon and fluorescent. We are lucky that we can see colours and shades normally. 

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