Best 8 Dining Mats for your Dining Area

Best 8 Dining Mats for your Dining Area

Dining mat - we all know what is Dining mat or placemats. A cloth or linen that not only used to decorate but also to protect your exorbitant dining tables. It adds beautiful texture to our table. Different sizes and colors are there to take your dining area to high notch.

In ancient period, Only royal families used to cover their expensive tables with decorative table linen to give ethenic touch to their meal. Their dining mats were so unique and luxurious that grabs everyone's attention.

But now a days, every home has a dining area and all loved to sit there for meals & family gathers to share memories. To make it more memorable for guests, we love to decorate our area according to atmosphere that we want to create.

So, we are presenting some of our best selling placemats for dining table to complete your table decor. We have wide collection of tableware for daily purpose as well as festive meals.

Rangoli PVC Dining Mats

This Rangoli Dining Mats Set is made of PVC material that is super easy to maintain and clean. This floral rangoli printed design on mats looks elegant to any sort of table. All sides of round mats designed with gold color to look brighter in dining area. This round placemats grabs attention and makes every meal amazing effortlessly. Standard size dishes can be easily placed on it. Available in three beautiful designs. To buy click here..

Printed Mats With Coaster Set of 6

Add this printed rectangle dining mats with coaster in your dining area. It is also suitable for special events also. These dining mats and coasters and makes your setting look more beautiful and dishes more adorable. Rectangle shaped mats and coasters not only placed for decoration but also protects table from stains and marks. Made of PVC material makes it super easy to clean just wipe it with damp cloth. Mugs & cups easily placed on coaster to keep table stain away. These mats add texture to your boring dining area. To buy click here..

 Leather Dining Mats Set

This solid color leather dining mats with gold stripe design just to bring elegance. Made of high quality leather makes it more durable and super easy to clean. Dining mat set is waterproof easy to clean and dry quickly by just wiping it with dry cloth. Best Placemats to rise your special event to next level. It grabs attention to your dining area and makes your dishes looks more tempting. This material bring luxurious look to any sort of dining table. Six More colors available in this Dining mats. To buy click here..

Flower Embossed Transparent Table Placemats

Loomsmith presenting this Transparent Placemats for dining table with embossed flowers. Floral design brings blooming effect to your six seater dining table. Round table placemats looks attractive and fit to standard plates size. Pvc material dining mats is convenient to clean and maintain. Transparent placemats looks luxurious on any kind of table like glass table, wooden dining table and marble table. It gives glitter effects in lights. Suitable for special event to give cool appearance to your dining table. To buy click here..

Laser Cut Floral Dining Combo

This rose floral metallic look dining placemats and runner combo to decorate your dining area in unique way. It is made up of pvc material in rectangle structure. Rose floral tableware looks luxurious and brings shine to dining area. It is super easy to clean. Standard size of placemats and runner covers the table not only to decorate area but also to protects from stains and heat. This laser cut combo looks great on any type of dining table. This is a stylish dining runner and mats are useful to place hot dishes to prevent direct contact with dining table. To buy click here..

 Tissue Dining Placemats and Runner Combo

People who love to decorate their homes in traditional way and want to recreate  dining setting for their grandmother or mother, this tissue dining combo is ideal for them. Made of tissue fabric with little blurry print of floral design brings elegance to dining area. Cut work borders design brings texture to any sort of table. Pink floral embroidery design gives blooming effect to your dining area. Two beautiful designs are available in tissue combo. To buy click here..

 Textural PVC Dining Table Combo


Add this Textural PVC Dining combo to your dining area for 3D effect. Made of plastic material makes it easy to clean and maintain. Weaving art design gives 3D effect to your dining table placemats reflects different shades in lights. It adds texture to your dining table. This Combo adds charms to any type of dining table like marble table as shown, glass table, wooden dining table. Long runner covers wide area of dining centre and can accessorized with napkin holder, vase & candles. Unique and classy shades are available in this table runner and placemat set. To buy click here.. 

 Floral Printed Table Placemats & Runner

Floral Printed velvet table runner and placemats combo for 6 seater dining table. Floral printed design and heavy borders gives elegant look to dining area. Velvet fabric is super soft & best item to place in gathering for events. Velvet fabric gives luxurious view to any sort of dining table. Rectangular mats and runner covers the wide area and protects table from direct heat of dishes. Available in alluring colours to buy click here..

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