Transform to a Bohemian Lifestyle with Loomsmith

Transform to a Bohemian Lifestyle with Loomsmith

Art is the expression of human creative skills and imaginations generally in a sight form that expresses beauty, emotional power & artistic imagination. Handcrafted products is ideal to show your imagination and creative ideas in your home.

What material is good for handmade products that will add bohemian lifestyle?-Macrame, It is most common twisted three-ply cotton rope used in macrame making. Macrame is used to make everything like wall hangings, plant hangers, table runners even cushion covers. 

Loomsmith added some handcrafted stuff for your home that will add spark in your space. People who involves in art and adventure or loves to decorate their home for ideal pictures. So without wasting time let's start with the heart of our home dining area. 

Macrame Table Runner

Table Runner is decorative item to cover the table and make them part of decor. This Cotton Macrame Table Runner is carefully handcrafted, with simple yet interesting knotted design. Knots are beautifully and securely tied to make beautiful pattern. Designed with little spaces adds nice texture & elegance to any sort of dining table. Hanging tassels on both sides brings visual interest. This tabletop decor is not only perfect for daily purpose but also makes your any event more special with little touch of elegance. To buy Click here..

Macrame Cushion Cover

Loomsmith introducing macrame cushion covers to add in your home for bohemian lifestyle. This cushion covers is handcrafted and beautifully designed with long tassels adds more elegance and texture to your space. It is perfect to decorate your favourite corner or add it to any couch to add little artistic view. To buy Click here..

Boho embroidered cushion covers is also available in different colors if you like to add vibrant view in your space. To buy Click here..


Macrame Hanging Wood Shelf


Best handcrafted item to add in your home for bohemian look. Macrame wall hanging brings aesthetic look to any space. This macrame hanging with shelves gives stable surface and space for indoor plant holders without any clutter on floor. Knots are carefully and beautifully tied to make crochet pattern. Hanging tassels are designed in bottom brings boho look to your space. It looks elegant in any space of your home. Unique way to decorate your space and perfect gift for your family and friends who loves to makeover their space. To buy Click here..

Macrame Plant Holder (Set of 2)

Macrame plant holder is also perfect to add in your home to live bohemian lifestyle. Show some love to your plants with this modern and beautiful plant holder. Simple yet beautifully handcrafted knotted designs brings boho look to your space. It will brighten up your any sort of space and works as declutter for floors. To buy Click here..

Macrame Wall Hanging Pot Holder

Macrame Wall hanging is the beautiful holder designed for a small pots. Plant holder will add a natural, delicate touch to any living space. Macrame pot holder with wooden stick provides stability. Bottom of wall hanging designed with beautiful long tassel. Crochet pattern wall hanging with little box spaces bring elegant touch to your space. To buy click here...

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