5 Cushion Cover Designs that Will Make Your Home Look Fabulous

5 Cushion Cover Designs that Will Make Your Home Look Fabulous

Cushion Covers with Art Print

Cushions are an easy way to add some style to any room in your house. People who love art, these madhubani art print is perfect covers for your space. They come in a variety of colors, made of cotton fabric with zipper on back side to make it easy to put on.

Cushion Cover with Foil Print

If you love floral prints, then you should definitely check out these velvet cushion covers. These designs feature a gorgeous floral print that will make your living space feel more welcoming. Print with gold foil makes it look out and adorable in your living area. The festive design can make any occasion much more beautiful and appealing.


Cushion with Flower Embroidery

If you love nature, then you will adore these cushion covers. This design features a lovely floral pattern that will add some color to your room. It also has a nice texture that makes it easy to clean up spills. Flower embroidery with excellent stitching brings clear and attractive view to your living space. Made of satin fabric makes it look luxurious and soft to touch.

Cushion Design with Roses

A velvet cushion cover is a wonderful addition to any living space. These covers come in a variety of colors, so there’s sure to be one that suits your decor perfectly. Perfectly stitched roses design works as highlighter to your space. You can use them as throw pillows, bedding, or even wall art. They make an excellent gift for friends and family too!

Cushion Designed with Golden Stripe

They are perfect for adding some color to your room while still maintaining a classic feel. Cushion covers designed with golden stripe pattern stitched in zig-zag pattern. Excellent stitched stripe increases it durability, dutch velvet and backing with heavy satin makes it super soft and shinier in any space.

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